Create a High Performance and Micron-Precise Vision Guided Pick & Place Module Within 15 Minutes.

Updated: Jan 19

In this walked-through example, we are going to create a pick and place module from scratch using Squidify System.

System Design

  • Motor axes: X-axis & Y-axis

  • Cylinder & valves: Z up/down, picker open/close

  • Input sensors: z up reed switch, z down reed switch, picker open reed switch, & pick close reed switch.

  • Module / station: PP Station.

  • Coordinate: pick up standby position x, y = (100, 100); pick up position x, y = (150 + offset, 150 + offset), place position x, y = (200, 200).

  • Localization: vision.

1. Setting up Motion Axes

for motion detail, please refer to the information here.

2. Setting up I/O

For detailed information on I/O module, please refer to the post here.

3. Setting up Vision System

Connect a camera module, assigning detected camera to the channel. For more detail on how to set up the vision system, please refer to the detailed information here.

Adding image acquisition and shape match tool. For detail on matching tool information, please refer to the post here.

To integrate inspection result as an output result for motion axis to compensate as object actual location, we prepare two output results from matching tool. Click on the "Result" button from the vision sequence tool menu, select output result to emit every inspection cycle. In this case, we used image canter as the datum position for the pick-up coordinate.

4. Setting up Station Entity

Add a station, its sequences, and sequence tools. For a walk-through of creating a station entity and its sequences, please refer to the post here.

Simulate run its station sequence with motion, I/O, and vision integrated, verify detail results from the terminal, and you are good to go.

In final, the application is ready to commission as a pixel-precision, flexible, sustainable, easy-to-maintain system.

Take a look at the setup and configure walkthrough from scratch to production in just under 15 minutes!



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